Educators shape the future.

They engage and inspire, influence and guide, helping students achieve successful futures.

MEBA works to support educators through business connections, professional development opportunities, CDF networking, career development resources and the week-long “teachers in the workplace” summer experience.

Please watch the MEBA calendar for events!

Building career development information and skills in our work with students requires authentic connections to business and industry. MEBA is our source for those connections. They provide professional development for teachers and Career Specialists related to Midlands area business and industry workforce needs thereby helping to ensure that the information we bring to students is relevant and on target. All of this means that we are able to establish genuine links between the future workforce and real-world, local career opportunities. In short, our partnership with MEBA guarantees greater success with our career development mission.

Becky CarterCareer Coordinator, Center for Advanced Technical Studies


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