Be A Part Of Guides

MEBA’s Be A Part Of Guides provide an in-depth look at the educational paths, necessary skills and career opportunities related to specific career clusters. Complete with labor market statistics, expected job growth, salary ranges and helpful resources, these guides are a must read for parents, students, educators and adult learners alike.

Speakers Guide

MEBA’s Speakers Guide is an online listing of local business partners available to connect with educators and students to share insight and information related to their careers and professional experienced.

If you have been asked to speak at a school, we would really like your feedback! Please click here to answer a few very simple questions. If you are an educator or counselor who is using our Speakers Guide, please encourage your speaker to fill this out after their visit.

Resource Request

To request available copies of MEBA resources, please download, complete and submit a 2016-2017 Resource Request Form.

Career Cards

MEBA’s Career Cards provide a quick view of each career cluster of study and then directs you to the guides for more detailed information.

Career Cluster Tips for Students and Parents

MEBA’s Career Cluster Tips highlight some of today’s hottest career fields and offers questions to help students and parents think about whether a particular career cluster is right for them or their child.

Parent Resource Guides

Produced in partnership with several Midlands school districts, MEBA’s Parent Resource Guides provides parents with a quick and easy way to find answer to some of their most common questions as well as well as great information about programs and opportunities to support and improve their child’s educational experience.

Additional Resources

  • Career Fair How To Guide
    Tips and resources from sample press releases to business participation response forms to help you organize a successful career fair. 
  • Midlands Snapshot
    A quick overview of where the Midlands stands in IGP completion and parent involvement as well as student career cluster selection compared to current workforce needs. 
  • Hot Jobs of the Future
    Outlines those industries with the largest areas of talent need in the Midlands as identified by local business and education leaders, highlighting specific jobs predicted to have the largest growth expectancy through 2018. 
  • Student Field Study Planning Guide
    Provides tips and resources including sample agenda, recommended discussion questions and checklist for successful planning and implementation of a Student Field Study to provide critical exposure to and career information about one or more career cluster or industry.