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Boeing South Carolina

With South Carolina students currently out of school due to the novel coronavirus, we know that many parents and programs are seeking online educational resources. Thus, we want to share digital resources with you from FUTURE U, a program partnership between Boeing and Discovery Education. The FUTURE U website includes ready-to-go STEM activities, including:

Boeing Future U – Virtual Field Trip

This virtual field trip (VFT) takes students to Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The behind-the-scenes video tour introduces students to just a few of the amazing Boeing employees who are preparing to write the next chapter of space history with the launch of the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft and the deployment of the Space Launch System (SLS). A Pre-Virtual Field Trip Companion Guide introduces students to topics they will encounter during the VFT (Length: two 45-minute class periods).

Grades 6-12                     Length: 28 Minutes, 6 segments

Boeing Future U – Online Lesson Plans

Standards-aligned STEM lessons guide students as they explore key concepts in aerospace and engineering. Students can contemplate moon tourism, create a landing system for the world’s first crewed Martian-bound spacecraft, learn about NASA’s citizen science projects, or design their own celestial body!

Designed for grades 6-8

Length: each activity is designed for three 45-60 minute class periods

Lessons can be adapted for completion by a single student

In addition to these FUTURE U resources, check out our 100 Days of Learning collection of lesson plans, videos, interactive media, and design challenges, all of which are intended to increase student interest and aptitude for 21st-century skills.

Bush Gardens Tampa Bay

Discover Educational Resources for Hands-On Learning at Home

Our Bush Gardens family understands that you may need turnkey, engaging activities now more that ever. Our parks have developed standards-aligned resources available to help families virtually explore the wild world or animals and nature.

Through our distance learning resources, explore hands-on, multi-disciplinary activities, engage in a fun and creative learning environment, and discover something amazing along the way.

Classroom Activities – For more than 50 years, education has been a critical part of our mission and we invite you to explore these resources created for educators and students grades K-12.

See Classroom Activities Here

Teacher’s Guides – Use the immersive guides developed at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens to help students understand how we can best care for our Earth’s resources. Discover activities that integrate science, math, geography, art, and language.

Explore Guides Here

Saving a Species Video Series – Come face-to-face with the wonders of woldlife through species-focused episodes and related classroom activities.

Watch Now

Animal Bytes – Each Animal is a one-page fact sheet specifically designed to help you quickly find information about some of the most interesting creatures found in the animal kingdom.

Explore More

Animal InfoBooks – InfoBooks are your resource for wildlife information. Explore the indepth details about animals, environments, conservation issues, and much more.

See InfoBooks

Explore More Resources at

DX Printing


International Paper

Sustainability / Renewable Futures Video



ServSafe is offering FREE food handler training – (4 hour training) and is also offering FREE COVID-19 Food Safety training (8 minute video)

Both can be accessed here


Chef Jackson Lamb MBA, CSC, CHE, Professor of Hospitality with Metropolitan State University of Denver  created 46 5-minute videos for the ProStart students. These videos serve as a chapter introduction for all 44 chapters in both level 1 and 2. They could be used as homework assignments as well. For instance, in Level 2, chapter 9, Food costing, They really get into the math part.  Here are the YouTube Channel Videos links:

Hospitality Videos Level 1

Hospitality Videos Level 2

Pearson provided a link to send out to teachers: my Pearson Training Readiness Resources

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